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Kohaku - White with red marking.

Taisho Sanke - White body with red and black markings, also known as Sanke.

Showa - Black body with red and white markings.

Bekko - White, yellow, orange or red body with black markings.

Utsurimono - Black body with red, yellow, orange or white markings.

Asagi - Bluish grey koi with red on its fins and sides.

Shushi - An almost scale less koi with bluish grey scales only on its lateral line and dorsal lines, as well as red on its side and fins.

Kolomo - Literally means "robed". The body is white with red spots outlined in blue, black or purple.

Kawarimono - All non metallic koi fall into this classification where colouration varies.

Hikarimono - Single solid coloured, metallic koi in a variety of colours.

Hukari utsurimono - Metallic Showa and Utsurimono.

Hikarimoyo mono - Metallic koi with more than one colour but don't fall into the Showa or Utsurimono classifications.

Tancho - Koi with a red patch on its head.

Kinginrin - Koi with metallic (glittering metal - flake appearing) scales.
Please find below the breeds of Koi that can often be found in our tanks. We dont stock all of the breeds below as our stock changes quite regularly. To check if we have the fish you want in stock please give us a call and we can reserve your fish especially for you.

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